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Cissoid has released its Erebus technology, which implements buck (step-down) DC-DC converters operating from -55C to +225C.

Erebus can step input voltages from 12V to 50V down to an output voltage adjustable from 10 per cent to 90 per cent of the input.

Based on Cissoid’s two-chipset Magma-Hyperion and power transistors, the Erebus technology includes two reference designs and a demonstration board.

After Etna and Vesuvio, Erebus is Cissoid’s third range of Volcano reference designs for DC-DC converters operating under extreme temperatures.

Erebus is suitable for higher input voltages than the previous range and features a short-circuit protection.

Erebus buck converters are claimed to demonstrate efficiencies of more than 85 per cent above +200C.

When configured as a synchronous DC-DC converter, it operates in continuous current mode (CCM) at a constant frequency, simplifying ripple filtering for demanding sensor applications.

Erebus technology uses the soft-start capability of the Magma pulse-width-modulation controller to enable a smooth start-up.

The input-voltage feed forward compensation enables it to input voltage transient variations and provides a DC line regulation better than +/-1.5mV/V.

The demonstration board, adjusted to a 5V output, is available in two versions for a maximum input voltage of 40V or 50V.

It can deliver up to 70W at +225C.

The boards are rated to +175C but can sustain short excursion to +225C.

Besides these examples, Erebus technology can be used to build DC-DC buck converters with output voltages up to 45V and delivering up to 180W (280W for Vin less than 40V).

The reference design and its active bill of material can be mapped onto high-temperature substrates and assembled in high-reliability modules, according to the company.

The Volcano product range is suitable for demanding applications, such as oil and gas and aeronautics; this opens up new possibilities to system designers in the industrial and automotive markets, where high-temperature operation removes the need for cooling and hence improves the cost, weight and compactness of the systems.

Erebus technology is available for licensing and includes the reference design and its schematic, a demonstration board, a datasheet and an application note, as well as the bill of material.

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