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Citizen Machinery is offering Ocean Cincom’s GN and RL ranges of CNC chucking lathes, which are designed for automated machinery applications within sectors such as electronics, fuel injection, bearings, medical and fluid power.

The chucking lathes can be customised to suit customers’ applications and have compact floor footprints. The RL chucking/collet machines feature component bowl feed and the GN range is offered in five variations — the GN-3200, the GN-3200W, the GN-4, the GN-4200 and the GN-4200W — each of which has linear platens.

The RLO1 and RLO3 machines feature a single spindle and a linear platen and are built onto a single base. Additionally, the RLO1 has a bowl feel and can carry four tools on its platen. The RLO3 includes a pick-and-place gantry, a two-axis gantry loader in a double-gripper arrangement and an independent double-track conveyor and can carry five tools on its platen base.

The GN-3200 and the GN-3200W — single- and twin-spindle models with in and out pallet stockers — can carry five tools on each platen. The twin-spindle ‘W’ variant features a programmable gantry system that enables the machine to either duplicate the same cycle in each spindle or perform first and use a component turnaround device to conduct a second successive operational cycle.

The GN-4 — which is designed for ultra-high-accuracy finishing cycles — includes a two-axis platen that can carry six tools as well as non-contact encoder positioning and a rigid base.

The GN-4200 self-contained turning cell is suitable for European component production and includes fully integrated, high-speed, programmable automatic gantry loading/unloading. According to the company, it provides accurate concentricity to datum features of a component.

Key specifications


  • 1.1kW, 6,000rev/min spindle
  • 10mm-capacity collet/diaphragm chuck
  • X-axis stroke of 170mm
  • Z-axis stroke of 80mm
  • Maximum component length of 50mm


  • 2.2kW, 8,000rev/min spindle
  • 40mm capacity
  • Maximum component length of 50mm
  • X-axis stroke of 180mm
  • Z-axis stroke of 200mm
  • 3.5-second operational cycle
  • Requires a floor area of 700 x 1,480mm

GN-3200 and GN-3200W

  • 2.2kW, 8,000rev/min spindle
  • 40mm capacity


  • 3.7kW, 8,000rev/min spindle
  • 250mm in X and Z travel


  • 3.7kW, 8,000rev/min spindle
  • 45mm collet chuck
  • 80mm maximum machining length
  • High-speed gantry running at 154m/min
  • Load/unload time of less than six seconds

Citizen Machinery

Citizen is the world leader in CNC sliding head ‘one-hit’ turn-milling technology. It has a range of machines having a maximum bar capacity between 4 mm on the compact micro-machining capable Citizen R04 to 32 mm on the top of the range Citizen M32-VII which has the added capability of two Y-axis cross-feeds.   

The M32 can carry up to 80 tools, of which 20 can be driven, and can cut with three tools simultaneously giving low cycle times and high levels of productivity.  Also, fully automated unmanned cycles can be utilised through an integrated gantry option and conveyor system that helps ensure damage free parts during uninterrupted batch production.  A high pressure 2,000 psi CoolBlaster coolant system is a further option to optimise swarf control, tool life and machining difficult materials.

Following the acquisition in Japan in 2008 of 65 per cent shares in Miyano, the fixed head turning centre specialist, the two companies are maintaining their separate high profile brand names utilising a single sales operation.  However, turn-milling solutions from bar up to 64 mm diameter can now be provided.  In addition, with the Miyano range of turning and turn-milling machines for chucking operations, cell-type applications can now be accommodated with a wide range of automation options.   

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