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Tristar has announced that a manufacturer of transit wheelchair lifts is using its FCJ bearings to bring commuters of all abilities equal – and dependable – access to public transportation.

Built with mobility in mind, these lifts enable wheelchair commuters to roll on to a flat ramp at street level, then to be elevated to the bus level for a smooth, rolling transition from ground to vehicle.

The lifts are electrically operated and can be situated at both the front and rear doors of the bus.

The FCJ bearings are found on the centre and rear pivot points of the fold-out ramp frame.

Tucked away when not in use, the lifts can deploy to form a flat ramp for passenger access in less than 30 seconds.

The ramp then lifts the passenger to the platform and quickly retracts back into position once the passenger has boarded.

The lift is built to hoist several hundred pounds and meets appropriate ADA guidelines.

Tristar’s in-house experts recommended FCJ bearings to the lift manufacturer as a replacement for the lubricated bronze bearings previously used.

The client found the bronze bearings required regular and costly maintenance, as well as frequent replacement.

As CJ bearings are self-lubricating, they have a long lifespan, are durable and offer resistance to corrosion.

CJ bearings are also claimed to be particularly suited to the constant vibration of transit systems.

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