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The Inozet clamping system developed by HWR Spanntechnik has been designed primarily for vertical turning lathes and is particularly relevant to the machining of large ring-type workpieces.

By converting a standard three-jaw chuck to a six-jaw chuck, the clamping forces are distributed more evenly around the workpiece.

This contributes to reduced distortion of the workpiece and to a significant improvement in machined roundness – for example, out of roundness on a 610mm turned diameter is reduced from 0.20 to 0.03mm.

Available from Thame Workholding, each Inozet segment – which takes a range of standard clamping jaws including soft, hard and segment styles for internal and external clamping – functions as a ‘bridge’ with up to 10deg of pendulum movement.

The net result is that the workpiece is effectively self-centred as the clamping force is applied and the out-of-balance effect is virtually eliminated.

The more evenly distributed clamping force makes this system suitable for the machining of deformation-sensitive workpieces, as well as out-of-round blanks and components deformed by heat treatment.

The pendulum mechanism is protected from contamination to maintain the chuck’s true running properties.

Inozet is said to make the conversion of an existing three-jaw chuck into a highly flexible, compensating six-jaw chuck a quick and easy process.

Because the clamping jaws on each pendulum segment can be positioned as required within the entire clamping range of the chuck, there is no requirement for additional sets of clamping jaws or any need for ‘specials’.

The clamping system can be retrofitted to any size and make of standard three-jaw chuck, from 250mm diameter upwards.

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