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Haas Automation uses a hydraulic actuated clamping system that utilises Kurt Movelock vises.

‘The goal with the Movelock vise setups was to automate the machining operations used to produce various size round components for machining centres,’ said Phillip Linscheid, machine shop manager for Haas Automation.

‘We have several of these machine setups, which vary between one and four Movelock stations mounted on trunion tables,’ he said.

A Motoman Hp 165 robot provides the load/unload operations.

There is no fixture set-up labour required once the pre-machined jaw plates are installed in the Movelocks.

Part runs vary from just a few components to several hundred.

‘So the different setups, from one to four clamping stations, gives us the flexibility and efficiency needed for varying quantities,’ Linscheid added.

One example of its Movelock setups has four Movelock vises mounted on a HRT310 rotating worktable of a Haas VF4 machining center.

The custom-machined jaws hold 4140 and 12L14 steel parts with turned diameters from 2.75 to 8in and in thicknesses from 1/2 to 3.75in.

As an example of the machining done with this setup, one of the parts calls for a 5/8in Z-carbide insert run at 1,222rpm/50in per minute and a 1/2 Z-carbide insert doing counter boring at 1,250rpm/15in a minute.

With these kinds of feeds and speeds, part immobility during the machining process is imperative.

These Movelock vises assure rigidity because they are more than just piston-driven clamping devices.

They produce up to 2,500lbs of clamping force using 3,200lbs of hydraulic pressure.

With a 5/16in stroke, they can be positioned on a base plate so that the jaw opening is limited only by the work envelope and still produce adequate clamping pressure to accommodate a range of part sizes.

Movelock’s clamping pressure incorporates the Anglock design to prevent jaw lift during clamping.

As hydraulic pressure is applied to the clamping piston, it is driven forward to locate on an internal ball segment.

While the lateral force is clamping the part, downward pressure is being applied to the movable jaw, minimising and preventing part lift.

For every pound of clamping force on the jaw, there is a half pound of force exerted down on the movable jaw.

For Haas Automation’s application, this clamping rigidity ensures that tight tolerances are held typically to +/-0.005in on bolt circles.

Haas Automation machines batches of 150 to 250 of differing-sized round parts in these Movelock setups each week.

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Kurt provides a full line of innovative workholding products, including custom engineered workholding systems, that can be integrated into your current and future machining set-ups. From manual and hydraulic vises to zero-point clamping, Kurt has a workholding system that meets your application’s requirements.

The original Kurt Anglock vises were designed to provide precision part clamping on basic machines. Our line includes CNC vises, five-axes vises, Rotary Table workholding solutions for VMCs and the Toolblox tombstones, providing you with increased versatility at your machining stations.  Precision measuring systems and accessories are also available to complement your Kurt workholding system.

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