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Clare’s modular switch scanner, Switchsmart, offers improved connection of high-voltage or high-current electrical tests to multiple test points or products.

Switchsmart can be used for the simultaneous and automated testing of units such as transformers, motors or electrical system devices that require earth/ground bonding or high-voltage Hipot/flash dielectric testing.

It has been designed to interface directly with Clare’s Elite electronic product safety-testing system or operate independently within larger system integration/automation applications.

The product features 16 type SPST (NO) switching ports, providing safe high-voltage or high-current electric testing.

A front-mounted LCD display housed within an impact-resistant 4U 19in case shows the real-time status of each switch port.

The scanner can be daisy chained, allowing an almost limitless number of points to be connected, according to Clare.

It can also be controlled by either an RS-232 serial interface or digital control port.

Maximum switching voltage is 3Kv AC, while the maximum switching current is 32A AC.

Clare Instruments

Clare Instruments are manufacturers of electrical safety test equipment for the conformance, manufacturing and service and equipment hire and rental industry. Used extensively throughout the world Clare’s range of electrical safety testing equipment includes the following. Hipot Testers for hipot / flash testing and dielectric withstand testing.

Wiring Analysers for cable testing. Earth bond testers. Leakage and Performance testing for Conformance testing. Electrical safety testers for the rental and hire industry for appliance testing and power tool safety.

These electrical safety tests are essential to ensure compliance to LVD, CE and all international standards including en 50191. We also offer component testers in addition to a wide range of electrical safety accessories including high visibility status beacons for use on production line testing.

Ensuring your products are calibrated correctly is essential for the safety of both your customers and colleagues. We offer and online booking service, or you can even arrange for an on-site calibration.

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