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Clare Instruments has introduced a test unit for electronic medical equipment manufacturers to improve the electrical safety and compliance testing of equipment in accordance with 60601 standards.

Safemedic enables manufacturers to undertake the electrical testing of a wide range of Class I and Class II powered medical equipment in their own test laboratory for either final prototype tests or during the development process.

Safemedic can also be used by electrical safety laboratories and certification bodies for the type test certification of final products.

It is also suitable for end-of-line safety testing during the manufacturing process.

The instrument features the latest digital technology, enabling complete traceability of results, and is suitable for applications in overseas production markets.

Two versions are available with one featuring an in-built defibrillation test capability.

This makes Safemedic a suitable choice for the manufacturer that requires a single instrument that is not only de-fib approved, but also capable of carrying out the full range of required tests.

Both versions include a comprehensive suite of test functions, enabling the user to safely complete type testing in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60601 – the international technical standard for the manufacture and testing of medical electrical equipment.

These include all the required leakage tests completed within the six standard tests, automatically switching through the applied parts test regime detailed within the standard.

Safemedic includes connection for 12 x applied parts and also applies earth bonding to 40A, while AC/DC high potential (HIPOT) with ramping, insulation resistance and a load test are all programmable by the user.

Safemedic can be operated remotely by a PC so that test programmes can be specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements in bespoke testing cells.

Available in a standard 480mm rack and case, the product can be used as a transportable, stand-alone unit or integrated as part of a wider application specific test station incorporating industrial PC and other equipment fixtures.

Load testing can be carried out for 50 and 60Hz units, power 0.1KVA to 4KVA, current 0.0A to 16A.

The test unit comes with an earth bond probe, applied parts/patient connection probe system, powerful software and a user manual.

A bar code scanner, printer and a full range of EN 50191 peripherals are available as optional extras.

Clare Instruments

Clare Instruments are manufacturers of electrical safety test equipment for the conformance, manufacturing and service and equipment hire and rental industry. Used extensively throughout the world Clare’s range of electrical safety testing equipment includes the following. Hipot Testers for hipot / flash testing and dielectric withstand testing.

Wiring Analysers for cable testing. Earth bond testers. Leakage and Performance testing for Conformance testing. Electrical safety testers for the rental and hire industry for appliance testing and power tool safety.

These electrical safety tests are essential to ensure compliance to LVD, CE and all international standards including en 50191. We also offer component testers in addition to a wide range of electrical safety accessories including high visibility status beacons for use on production line testing.

Ensuring your products are calibrated correctly is essential for the safety of both your customers and colleagues. We offer and online booking service, or you can even arrange for an on-site calibration.

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