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Ulrick and Short has launched a variety of functional clean-label ingredients, including starches and fat replacements, for use in the baking industry.

The Synergie range of cold swelling starches not only maintains the functionality of starch and provides increased moisture retention but also reduces formulation by carrying the clean declaration of ‘wheat flour’.

As regular wheat flour is already used, in most cases no additional declaration is required.

Another area where bakers can make savings is by reducing the amount of fats and oils in products, and Ulrick and Short has introduced a solution that it claims can save the bakery sector up to GBP1,000 per ton of butter.

The Delyte range of fat replacements is suitable for use in cakes as well as butter cream and has been designed to reduce fat content, increase process tolerance through increased water binding and improve the overall moistness and shelf life of bakery products, resulting in less waste and a reduction in production costs.

As a solution to fluctuating egg prices, Ulrick and Short launched Ovaprox, an egg replacement, earlier this year.

This product is intended to help bakers to achieve cost savings of up to 30 per cent.

Ovaprox can replicate liquid egg and replace up to 50 per cent of egg in cakes without compromising on quality, taste, bake volume or shelf life and, in some cases, can improve the overall texture of the finished product.

Complementing this money-saving alternative for egg is the company’s ‘ready-to-use’ bakery glaze, called Eziglaze, which does not need to be chilled, has a three-month shelf life and matches the viscosity of egg and milk.

The company offers a variety of clean-label functional ingredients, including binders, emulsifiers, fat replacers and phosphate alternatives.

All of the ingredients from Ulrick and Short are free from chemicals, artificial components and genetic modification.

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