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LSA Laser has installed a Class 100,000 clean room as part of its medical device manufacturing facilities.

The new clean-room setup will include a CO2 laser system with up to five more systems planned for precision processing silicone, TPE, Teflon and other polymers in addition to a range of medical-grade metal materials.

The company manufactures medical device components and assemblies and is certified to ISO 13485:2003.

LSA Laser’s 26,000ft2 (2,415m2) manufacturing and office facilities comprise 26 laser welding and cutting systems with up to six-axis motion control and computer-aided-manufacturing capabilities.

The company’s processes include laser cutting, laser welding, laser ablation and laser marking used in a range of medical devices, including defibrillation leads, stents, catheters, surgical instruments, dental instruments, orthopaedics, hearing devices and neuro applications.

Many of the processes include materials such as platinum, titanium, nitinol and nichrome in sizes as small as 0.001in (0.03mm).

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