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Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools has received orders for the Durr range of industrial cleaning machines from automotive and furniture manufacturers, as well as a producer of seals.

An automotive equipment manufacturer in Wales has installed an EcoCbelt conveyor-type, aqueous washing system for cleaning flywheels.

Intended for fulfilling a new contract from Ford, the continuous cleaning process includes a rinse stage with preservative to prevent rusting of the steel components.

In addition, a high-performance engine manufacturer in the Midlands is moving away from aqueous cleaning for a particular application and will install a Durr Universal 81S system, which uses a chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent.

The closed-loop equipment meets the UK’s Solvent Emissions Directive as well as the more stringent German regulations.

Camshaft cleaning was problematic for the manufacturer, as blind holes were proving hard to clean prior to nitriding.

Tests showed that more efficient degreasing with trichloroethylene could resolve the difficulty.

Another Durr order was for two aqueous cleaning systems, which will go to a seal producer in the west of England.

The firm already uses a number of similar cleaning machines from the German manufacturer.

A new Durr Jeto 84W front-loading facility for spray washing, rinsing and hot air drying will handle a general increase in production volumes.

In addition, a specially developed 95W triple-tank system with fully automated loading system will help to improve production of certain seals by incorporating what is now a manual operation and eliminating rumbling.

Most recently, Geo Kingsbury has sold a machine to a London-based furniture manufacturer.

Aluminum chairs will be cleaned in a bespoke, multi-tank, aqueous system using cold water wash and rinse.

For improved and efficient drying, the customer will use a gas-powered heater rather than conventional electrical heating.

Both cold water washing and efficient gas-powered drying reduce energy consumption.

The system is capable of processing very high volumes in a continuous production environment using the Durr Mega 95W machine base.

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