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Cloos is offering two versions of the Qirox welding robots: the standard Qirox Classic (QRC) and the QRH design with hollow shaft.

The advantages of Qirox robots include: a high degree of dynamics based on the weight and load-optimised design; improved accessibility based on the lean product design with rounded, ergonomic form; maximum flexibility based on modular design; extension of working range and optimal positioning of the welding torch based on an optional seventh axis; reduction in wear due to optimised cable, connector and motor protection; excellent processing quality based on high repeat precision; long service life and maintenance intervals; and systems adapted to production requirements with compatible hardware and software.

Both types of robot are designed for floor and overhead mounting and can be combined with different Cloos sensors.

The new Cloos-specific media box is available as an option for the Qirox robot series in which – depending on the respective application requirements – a wire drive, valves for gripper and changing systems or electronic components are housed so that they are well protected, although easily accessible.

The systems are thus more compact, there are no external cables and accessibility to difficult component parts is now easier.

The QRC series offers complete flexibility for different welding and cutting applications in various production environments.

Based on the modular design of the whole robot mechanics, all components of the welding robot, right from the base to the axis tube, are perfectly matched to each other.

A customised welding robot can be produced for any production requirement based on the use of different components.

This ranges from a fully integrated wire drive to a universal robot suitable for up to four processes in one system.

With the QRH series, which is provided with a hollow shaft in the wrist and fourth axis, the wire drive is integrated in the robot arm.

Compared with conventional models, the cable assembly – with welding wire feed, control and sensor cables as well as power and shielding gas supply – does not run along the sixth axis as standard, but through the robot body itself.

The advantage is that, even with complex movements, the cable assembly is protected in the body of the robot and cannot get entangled around the front robot axis, meaning it is protected against abrasion.

The risk of collision of the cable assembly with the component or peripheral units of the robot system is avoided.

In addition to the greater freedom of movement, the user benefits from increased process safety and reduced wear costs.

The new generation of the Qirox welding robot can be equipped with a seventh axis as an option.

The eccentric axis integrated in the base of the robot enables an extension of the working range by 550mm (1100mm in relation to the whole working range).

Based on this increased range, the welding of complex workpieces is simplified and accelerated.

Since it is easier to reach around corners or into grooves, based on the eccentric movement of the welding head, this greatly reduces adjustment work and production expenditure.

In addition, the seventh axis enables significant savings because external positioning axes are not required.

The Qirox Controller V5 offers all the benefits of a tried and tested Cloos robot control.

The digital drive system with high-end computer performance ensures both high positioning and path accuracy in the welding process.

In addition to the customary software functions, there is an abundance of practice-related options such as 3D transformation, generating points by program command, TCP transformation, multi-pass programming, user-friendly weld parameter administration, master-slave operation as well as seam tracking and sensor functions that considerably facilitate programming and handling for the user.

Further options for supporting comprehensive quality assurance and documentation ensue by combining with Cloos PC products such as Roboplan offline programming software, RSM Remote Service Manager, UMS user administration and PDM software for process data management.

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