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The Clustajet ventilator range from Beckair has no moving parts and no electricity is required, leaving it maintenance free and safe to use in damp and wet locations.

Clustajet ventilators are motorless and bladeless fans operated by compressed air utilising Beckair’s Ringjet technology to create a robust, high-performance ventilator.

A Clustajet uses numerous Ringjets (bladeless and motorless fans) situated within a resilient steel casing.

They are designed to generate a high velocity jet effect.

The Beckair Clustajet is lighter in weight while its size is smaller than an equivalent electric fan.

Applications for Beckair Clustajets include extraction, ventilating and cooling.

Clustajets extract welding fumes, solvent vapours and dust.

They are able to ventilate confined spaces, tanks, sewers and tunnels.

Clustajets also have the ability to provide a cool, high volume stream of air suitable for cooling components, pipe work, and processes and drying.

They are suitable for use in hazardous areas as they are certified as Atex exempt.

Long distances can be covered by positioning many Clustajet units in series along the ductwork or by using a flexible hose.

Clustajets can be joined in series by rigid or flexible hosing connected to either end of the main body.

The ventilators can be used in industries such as welding, shipbuilding, construction and utilities.

Beckair recommends Clustajets to be used as a form of ventilation for confined spaces by extracting dangerous contaminated air in the working area and allowing fresh air to flow from a Clustajet by natural means via standard-size flexible hoses.

For direct venting or tanks, flanged versions are available.

Beck Air Company Profile

Beckair (now a division of engineering specialists Secomak Ltd), has been a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative compressed air driven and electric powered products and technology for over 90 years. Beckair’s products are designed to solve your cooling, drying, conveying, extracting, ventilating and cleaning application problems encountered by manufacturing and service industries, the military, government departments and the utilities.

Beckair products operate at low energy and noise levels and are capable of meeting customer requirements in an economic, safe and environmentally sound way. This results in small carbon footprint created by lower running costs. Components are designed to contain no moving parts, so customers can be safe in the knowledge that they are maintenance free.

As part of our commitment to our customers we offer lifetime warranty including an advisory service giving free technical help. Our engineers are on hand to help with all your application problems, and we always prioritise your order to ensure fast delivery.

We live in a world where energy usage is becoming a key issue for everyone and the pressures on industry are greater than ever. Beckair are working hard to help you, our customers, become more efficient too.

Beckair is continually developing new products, many of which are patented and our website has information on our latest developments.  

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