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Wenzel has introduced the Liberty, a five-axis co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) that offers users enhanced metrology and improved productivity while simplifying programming.

The Liberty Technology Package can be added to any new CMM in the Wenzel range and seamlessly integrates into a single package the new Renishaw PH20 infinite indexing probe head, the Renishaw UCC2 motion controller and the next generation of OpenDMIS metrology software.

The Liberty package offers customers the revolutionary new CMM function of ‘Head Touches’ whereby measurement points are taken by moving the probe head rather than the CMM structure.

Using only the rapid rotary motion of the head, points can be taken faster and with improved accuracy and repeatability.

Unlike conventional CMM measurement methods, which rely on speeding up the CMM motion to measure quickly, Liberty utilises the probe head motion to minimise the potential dynamic errors of the CMM at higher measurement speeds.

According to the company, this results in a threefold increase in CMM throughput.

Customer advantages afforded by the Liberty package include: reduced probe head index time; elimination of styli shanking issues; less styli changes; faster programming; and dramatic reduction in probe calibration times.

Liberty CMMs will be supplied with OpenDMIS measurement software allowing CAD design data integration with the inspection process.

Additionally each machine comes with the I++ DME interface, allowing seamless future access to metrology software advancements.

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