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OmniVision Technologies has introduced the OV8820, a 1/3.2in, 8-megapixel RAW CMOS image sensor based on OmniVision’s proven 1.4micron OmniBSITM pixel architecture.

The sensor delivers high frame rate 1080p/30 and 720p/60 high-definition (HD) video with electronic image stabilisation (EIS) and full horizontal field of view (FOV), designed specifically to meet the demands of the rapidly growing smart phone markets.

Its video capabilities support mobile YouTube and Facebook applications, preparing it for future advancements in smart-phone video-capture.

In full 8-megapixel (3264 x 2448) resolution, the OV8820 operates at 24 frames per second (fps) in a 4:3 format and in 6-megapixel (3264 x 1836) resolution at 30 fps in a 16:9 format.

These higher frame rates enable a number of key benefits, including: no image lag for shutter-less designs; continuous shooting; minimised rolling shutter effect; real-time image capture with no lag between resolutions; and full HD at 30 or 60 fps.

A high-speed 4-lane MIPI interface facilitates the required high data-transfer rate.

One of the OV8820’s features is an integrated scaler, which enables EIS and maintains full FOV with improved signal-to-noise performance in 1080p HD video mode operating at 30 fps.

Another image processing feature is a 2 x 2 binning functionality with a post-binning re-sampling filter function, which minimises spatial artifacts and removes image artifacts around edges to deliver clean, crisp colour images.

OmniVision’s OmniBSI backside illumination pixel architecture delivers low-light sensitivity, improved quantum efficiency, reduced cross talk and low photo response non-uniformity, which all contribute towards improved image quality and overall camera performance.

As a RAW sensor the OV8820 is designed for 2-chip solutions that involve the sensor working in conjunction with a baseband or an application processor with integrated image signal processing.

Further integrated features include temperature sensing, 256B of one-time programmable memory, lens shading correction and defect pixel correction.

The OV8820 fits into the industry standard module size of 8.5 x 8.5mm.

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