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Willbe S and T, a producer of semiconductors and LCD parts in Korea, has selected Victrex Peek polymer as the material in its CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) retaining rings.

Willbe S and T’s insert-moulded CMP ring is designed to provide better performance, longer life and reduced cost when compared with traditional two-piece bonded-type CMP retaining rings made with stainless-steel and polyphenylene sulphide (PPS).

As a key stage in the fabrication and processing of semiconductor wafers, the CMP stage requires tight process management, tight tolerances and high quality of surface topography and planarity.

The importance of such requirements in the CMP stage is increasing as electronics and related products become smaller.

The trend toward narrower line widths on the wafer leads to high-performance requirements of the property of retaining rings, which are a key part of CMP processing.

The use of Victrex Peek polymer is said to have resulted in the lifetime of Willbe S and T CMP retaining rings being increased by 50 per cent to 100 per cent and increased CMP fabrication yields and cost reduction.

The front and back of typical CMP rings may separate under high pressure and rotation, which can damage the wafer.

However, such accidents are prevented with Willbe’s insert ring method that protects the metal with Victrex Peek polymer, preventing dust and the separation of the two parts.

Slurry used for wafer planarization splatters and sticks on the surface of CMP retaining rings.

There are fewer scratches on Willbe’s wafer surfaces because of the inherent lubricity of Victrex Peek polymer when compared to stainless steel.

To help reduce costs, a hole is made in the ring’s side so that the slurry between the inner walls of the retaining ring and the membrane can be removed and the metal inside CMP retaining rings can be reused.

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