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Two subsidiary companies of CMS have combined their expertise and design skills to develop a machine-tool for the aerospace industry.

CMS Tecnocut, manufacturer and supplier of abrasive waterjet cutting systems, and the advanced materials division of CMS, supplier of large-format five axis CNC machine centres for the aerospace industry, have designed and developed a large-capacity five-axis CNC machine centre with conventional cutting spindle and a separate five-axis abrasive waterjet cutting head.

This new machine combines the advantages of abrasive waterjet cutting, which include less dust, higher feed rates and the elimination of tool wear.

These factors lead to the production of high-quality burr-free cuts in any direction without edge distortion.

The machine also features a conventional large-format five-axis CNC machine centre fitted with a high-speed spindle with a maximum RPM of 24,000, allowing all cutting operations to be completed in one setting.

To overcome the difficulties associated with the use of five-axis abrasive waterjets to cut large three-dimensional components, a liquid axis automatically adjusts the water level to suit the part profile within a specially designed tank, thus providing effective dampening of the abrasive power below the cutting area for a wide range of geometric shapes.

The new machines are aimed at manufacturers of large composite and carbon-fibre panels that require edge profiling combined with other operations such as surfacing, undercutting and counter boring.

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