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The Mikroturn 100 CNC from Hembrug Machine Tools is available from Kyal Machine Tools as versions for chucking or centre work.

It has been designed for finish hard turning and diamond turning, and is said to offer excellent static, dynamic and thermal stiffness.

The Mikroturn 100 CNC has a headstock housing of natural granite for better damping and a rigid natural granite base with an integrated system of vibration dampers.

The heat- and vibration-generating elements are completely isolated from the actual machine.

It offers direct linear slide measuring systems with interferential scanning.

The machine also features digital interfacing between CNC and drives for main spindle and slides.

Kyal Machine Tools

Specialists in the Art of Machining for Profit. Do you require a single CNC machine, automated production process or optimised manufacturing solution? Every machining application provides new challenges with every component/process testing new boundaries to enable improved performance and profitability.

Our challenge at Kyal is to significantly improve your current processes creating the competitive edge that separates your company from its rivals. Our application teams are able to advise, recommend and support your application needs enabling you to have the advantage in the method and production process.

Our advanced technology has been developed to enable our customers in the aerospace; automotive; oil and pharmaceutical related industries to select machines that have enabled them to make significant gains to allow them to stay ahead of their competitors and maximise their profitability. In addition we are specialists in the art of component cleaning.

The advanced technology available through our partners the Surface Alliance Group in Germany EMO, Hosel and LPW together with Mecanolav in France enable us to customize the right solution at the right price providing you with improved process control and cost.

Available products: WFL Millturn Technologies; Weiler; Alzmetall; Fehlmann; Hembrug.

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