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Gamet Bearings has been selected to supply its precision-tapered roller bearings to Proking Machinery, a manufacturer of large flat-bed and slant-bed CNC lathes.

Gamet will initially supply 20 large taper roller bearings for Proking’s 14in (360mm) spindle bore machines.

‘The Gamet bearings are manufactured to a higher specification than Proking’s existing bearings, which means they offer the manufacturer and also the end user important improvements in spindle run-out,’ said Steve Smith, technical sales manager at Gamut.

The Gamut bearings are designed to be interchangeable with the existing supplier’s bearings for optimum manufacturing efficiency.

They are due to be supplied to Proking at the end of October 2010 for installation and trials.

Gamut is also in discussions with Proking for a further potential order of 50 sets of bearings for its 9in (230mm) spindle bore machines.

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