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German multi-spindle automatic lathe manufacturer Index has introduced a six-spindle CNC machine of 40mm bar capacity to enable the production of a range of mill-turned components.

The multi sits between 32- and 52mm-capacity models in the Multiline range, but the price is closer to that of the smaller machine.

Index’s range of CNC multis encompasses a 22mm-capacity model in addition to 32, 40 and 52mm machines, further enhanced by P and G variants with opposed spindle technology.

The MS40C can be customised with up to 12 CNC cross-slides, optional Y-axes and further equipment to enable machining of parts in one hit from up to 40mm bar stock, or chucked parts up to approximately 70mm in diameter.

Simultaneous back working is achieved using one or two scara robot arms carrying synchronous 13.5kW/10,000rpm pick-up spindles that present parted-off components to six separate tools – two of which can be driven.

The core of the machine is the compact spindle drum with six fluid-cooled motor spindles rated at 24kW/7,000rpm.

C-axis positioning is available at all stations.

The machine features V-shaped tool carriers that allow two CNC slides to work simultaneously at one spindle.

Each of the 12 slides can perform internal or external turning, boring, or driven tool work.

Manufacturers and subcontractors are therefore not restricted to running one type of tool in any particular position, as there is no set order.

Only the toolholder determines the type of machining.

Off-centre drilling, thread cutting, inclined drilling, cross drilling, contour milling, gear hobbing, elliptical deburring and multi-edge turning are just a few of the possible operations enabled by the machine.

The MS40C affords the use of hollow-shaft motor technology for all work spindles, and independent selection of speeds and feeds at each spindle.

This results in optimal chipping, maximum surface quality and short production times.

Even ‘difficult’ metals such as high-temperature alloys can be processed efficiently, according to the company.

During machining on an MS40C, it is possible to vary the cutting parameters from the values in the programmed cycle to extract maximum use from tooling.

For instance, by reducing chip load, indexable-insert cutters can be used for longer before the tips are turned, prolonging tool life.

The spacious working area of the machine can be accessed through two sliding doors on each side, enabling convenient operator access for reduced set-up and adjustment times.

Control is by the Index C200-4D, a derivative of the Siemens 840D, which is claimed to be easy to program on the shop floor and automatically performs collision checking.

Comprehensive diagnostics for the machine and control are included, and it is possible to specify tool monitoring and a teleservice connection for troubleshooting.

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