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The introduction of CNC sliding head turn-mill centres from Citizen Machinery has enabled Clarkwood Engineering to reach a higher level of capability and complexity of parts.

Based in Wolverhampton, Clarkwood Engineering is a producer of precision products to customers in the petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation (including turbines, pump and valve) and nuclear industries.

The first installation of the Citizen A32-VIII CNC sliding head turn-mill centre towards the end of 2010 was such a success that it led to work queues due to the effect it had on machining operations and the number of parts that would benefit from this method of production.

As a result, Clarkwood Engineering ordered a Citizen L20-VII for smaller diameter parts from Citizen Machinery UK’s pre-owned stock of sliding head and Miyano fixed-head turn-mill centres; and later, another pre-owned machine installation — a Citizen M32-III.

Key benefits of product application

  • The company calculates that the Citizen machinery paid for itself within six months
  • The Citizen M32-III carries up to 60 tools
  • The Citizen A32-VII CNC was ‘competitively priced’ and rated as the fastest 32mm machine of its type, with rapid traverse rates of 45 m/min
  • This machine also enabled parts up to 320mm long to be processed in a single chucking
  • It was easy to set and changeover, making it suitable for small batch production
  • Overall cycle times have been reduced

Citizen Machinery

Citizen is the world leader in CNC sliding head ‘one-hit’ turn-milling technology. It has a range of machines having a maximum bar capacity between 4 mm on the compact micro-machining capable Citizen R04 to 32 mm on the top of the range Citizen M32-VII which has the added capability of two Y-axis cross-feeds.   

The M32 can carry up to 80 tools, of which 20 can be driven, and can cut with three tools simultaneously giving low cycle times and high levels of productivity.  Also, fully automated unmanned cycles can be utilised through an integrated gantry option and conveyor system that helps ensure damage free parts during uninterrupted batch production.  A high pressure 2,000 psi CoolBlaster coolant system is a further option to optimise swarf control, tool life and machining difficult materials.

Following the acquisition in Japan in 2008 of 65 per cent shares in Miyano, the fixed head turning centre specialist, the two companies are maintaining their separate high profile brand names utilising a single sales operation.  However, turn-milling solutions from bar up to 64 mm diameter can now be provided.  In addition, with the Miyano range of turning and turn-milling machines for chucking operations, cell-type applications can now be accommodated with a wide range of automation options.   

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