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Hankook, Hartford, Hyundai-Kia, Soraluce and Union will all be present at the Milan EMO from 5-10 October to promote examples from their ranges of machine tools, which are available from Ward CNC.

Hankook’s display will focus on the VTB-160E ram-type vertical boring and turning machine that has a maximum turning diameter and height of 2000mm and 1400mm respectively, a vertical travel of cross rail of 750mm, and a table of 1600mm diameter capable of 0.7 to 280 rev/min.

Hartford will have several vertical machining centres on view, such as the 5VM-60RT five-axis moving column model, the HEP-3150AP double column, the HCMC-15AG and PRO-1000 AP open-fronted units, and the MVP-10AP plug-and-play machine.

The construction of the Power Centre Pro-1000 is based on a cast-iron frame with hardened and ground box slideways.

The machine has a table of 1150mm x 600mm that is capable of accommodating workpieces weighing 700kg, and X, Y and Z travels of 1000mm x 600mm x 510/630mm.

As standard, rapid traverse rate in all axes is 20m/min, the 7.5/10kW spindle produces speeds of 40 to 8,000rev/min (pulley-style; 6,000rev/min geared) and the machine is supplied with a 20-tool (optional 24) automatic toolchanger.

Controlled via the Hartrol-Fanuc AI100/0iMC CNC, a major feature of the control technology is the Hartrol advanced functionality programming routines available as standard.

This offers a series of easy-to-use cycles designed to simplify and speed up programming times and reduce downtime, along with other useful setting and maintenance functions.

The routines embrace, for example, workpiece datum setting using edge setter, manual tool setting using calibrated setting block, tool magazine tracking (for arm-type ATC), tool logging and spindle load monitor, as well as full M Code listings and a comprehensive set of special canned cycles.

A batch of nine Hyundai-Kia machines will be displayed: the SKT700LM turning centre, KH1000 and HS500 horizontal machining centres, SKT-V80RM vertical turning/milling machine, SKT180TTSY multi-tasking twin-spindle turning centre, Hi-V560M/5A vertical machining centre, SKT2100SY Y axis multi-tasking turning centre, SKT2500MTS multi-tasking mill/turn centre, and the SKT-F160/2SP twin-spindle turning centre.

The Hyundai-Kia SKT MTS multi-tasking centre will demonstrate that it can achieve highly productive, highly flexible and cost-effective single set-up mill/turn applications from a four-axis unit.

The SKT 2500 MTS features a 18.5kW, 8,000 rev/min, high-torque B-axis milling head and the 4,500rev/min sub-spindle with full C-axis capability (that complements the 30kW main spindle), which, with ‘kissing spindle’ design, enables synchronised part exchange at 30m/min rapid traverse.

The machine’s credentials for flexibility are based around the milling head that has +1,200 rotation with 0.001 deg indexing through a heavy-duty, dual-lead worm gear and servo motor.

The head has the added advantage of 250mm Y-axis stroke for off-centre feature machining and a Z-axis stroke of 1100mm servicing both main and sub-spindles.

The milling head slide (that also accommodates standard lathe tooling) also carries a 22-tool magazine (optionally 43 or 65) that provides a tool change time of just 1.5s and chip-to-chip time of 5s.

The maximum tool size is 95mm diameter, which can be extended to 104mm when adjacent pockets are empty.

With a bar capacity of 76mm, a 10in chuck size and options of programmable tailstock, the SKT MTS has a maximum turning diameter and length of 500mm and 1100mm respectively, while the swing over the bed is 780mm.

The machine uses Fanuc 18i-TB as the control system.

It offers high power in a heavy-duty single cast bed construction with rigid box guideways.

If the optional, fully programmable 110mm diameter quill tailstock is specified, automatic clamp and unclamp is incorporated.

Soraluce will have trio of machines on display: the FX-R-20000 floor-type, the SP-10000 fixed table, travelling column model and the bed-type TA-25-A.

With a vertical (Y-axis) stroke of 6500mm, a cross travel (Z-axis) of 1900mm and a longitudinal traverse (X axis) of 20,000mm, the FX-R-20000’s 3000mm x 3000mm table can accommodate 40-tonne workpieces.

The machine has feed and rapid traverse rates in X, Y- and Z-axis of 10mm-10,000m/min and 20m/min respectively.

The machine’s ‘multi-purpose single set-up’ heavy machining through to high-quality surface finishing is supported by its 120-tool automatic tool changer (ATC), and the use of the automatically interchangeable 37kW, 4,000rev/min orthogonal head, which can position in 1deg by 1deg increments, complementing the 46kW, 2,500 rev/min, 37kW fixed boring head that can position in 2.5deg increments, and the 4,000 rev/min fixed horizontal head, as well as a wide range of optional CNC tables.

Control is via the Heidenhain iTNC 530.

Union will be promoting the PR 200/250 – a boring mill designed for simultaneous rough and ultra-precision finish machining of large workpieces.

Up to 8m high and weighing 250 tonnes, it is equipped with a spindle diameter of 250mm and a main drive motor rated at 130kW that produces torque up to 17,000Nm.

Rapid feed rates are up to 25m/min.

The ability to combine roughing and finishing is made possible by the use of hydrostatic guideways in the main X-, Y- and Z-axis.

Hydrostatic guideways utilise a permanent oil-film between guideway surfaces to eliminate mechanical wear.

They also permit high chip removal rates due to the resulting high damping effects.

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