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The Maxima machine-tool range features exceptional build quality and competitive pricing and has many technical advantages over the more conventional multi-axis CNC lathes.

Developed to provide a cost-effective solution to repetitive operations, the Maxima series has 19 tool positions and seven axes.

The Maxima range complements the lower specification and more cost-effective Optima range for less complex parts.

The Maxima offers a three-axis upper slide with a maximum of eight fixed tools or a combination of four fixed tools and three driven tools.

This solution combines with a two-axis turret to enable two tools to simultaneously work on a component in the main spindle.

Adding to this innovation, the Maxima range has a turret at the middle of the work envelope that offers four driven tool positions, one of which is used for the pick-off spindle.

To enhance productivity, the turret is bi-directional via the shortest route.

This shaves vital seconds off production cycles and demonstrates the consideration Unamuno has paid to all aspects of the Maxima range to optimise production times.

The sub-spindle operates simultaneously with the main spindle to allow three tools to work at once – further slashing production times.

The motorised pick-off spindle in the turret holds the machined part and is synchronised with the main spindle.

Once the pick-off spindle collects the part from the main spindle, the component is then machined with the four-tool second-operation station that is mounted at the opposite end of the machine bed from the main spindle.

To further enhance productivity, the back working stations are available with live tooling configurations.

The Maxima range is available in 36, 42, 60 and 65mm-diameter capacity ranges.

This enables Leader CNC to offer customers highly productive turning solutions across a broad spectrum of diameters.

The Maxima 36 has the diversity and accuracy to accommodate small components while the Maxima 65 meets the demands of end users that require extremely rigid and robust turning centres that deliver productivity and capability second to none.

The range of turning centres is equipped with drill-breakage detection, pick-off component-expulsion detection and tool-life monitoring for lights-out production.

The ability to produce large batches on a lights-out basis is enhanced by a magazine barfeed that reduces the need for operator intervention.

The build quality of the Unamuno Maxima range is guaranteed with all axes, using high-speed servo motors and precision ball screws with absolute encoder positioning.

The powerful motor spindles from 7.5 to 15.5kW dependent upon machine size have high-speed acceleration and optional C-axis positioning, or full C-axis interpolation with the upper slide for complex machining.

With a focus on ease of use, Unamuno has developed a customer-friendly touch-screen control.

Suited for users accustomed to ISO programming, the Mitsubishi CNC control ensures that no specialised programming knowledge is needed, as the system uses intuitive programming techniques to program even the most complex of parts.

This ease of use is combined with high-performance features such as nano-control technology for ultra high-quality and precision machining.

Leader CNC Technologies is a well established company with over 100 years of combined experience on virtually every make of machine produced within the last 30 years and full ISO 9001 accreditation.

What we do is only half the story however – it’s not just what we do but how we do it that sets us apart as THE industry leading specialists. We offer a full range of CNC Machine solutions, from small turning centre installations by DMC, very large machining centres by Toshiba to ultra high precision machines by Kitamura. Our capacity to tailor a solution to your needs is unrivalled.

The relationships we enjoy with our customers are an immense source of pride for us and we value our sole trader clients as much as we value our world market leader multi-national clients – we understand the needs of both intimately.

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