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Lumasense Technologies has brought out the Coalscan Thermal Imaging System.

The Mikron Coalscan is designed specifically for the coal industry.

It is a cost-effective and comprehensive non-contact thermal imaging system for detecting hot spots on coal conveyors, coal piles and other sensitive areas.

The core of the Coalscan system is the fully radiometric Mikron MCL160 thermal-imaging camera.

This camera system can detect thermal abnormalities in environments where quick, accurate temperature measurement is required of fast moving and highly volatile targets.

The Coalscan system allows the user to have a complete radiometric view of the crucial coal processes where pyrometers and other temperature-measurement devices fall short.

The Coalscan system includes thermal imagers, enclosures and Mikrospec RT software.

Mikrospec RT software provides the user with complete configuration and control of the imaging system.

With image transfer via Giga-E, the system is easily integrated into existing control schemes for remote monitoring through standard network protocols.

In addition, multiple PLC interface options are available, such as OPC and Modbus.

Brett Sargent, global vice-president of sales, said: ‘With the flexibility the Coalscan system offers, users will no longer have to rely on single-point temperature or questionable measurements to monitor for hot spots.

‘Users can safeguard against combustion, costly loss of product and personnel injury after a one-day installation.

‘We also offer on-site support to help users quickly and reliably accomplish automated monitoring,’ he added.

The Coalscan Thermal Imaging System is part of Lumasense Technologies’ Mikron Infrared Process Imaging portfolio of products, which includes: the MCS640, which is designed for high temperature markets, and the highly configurable M7500, which is used for industrial process control and monitoring.

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