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Incorez will launch its latest product at the European Coatings Show 2011 – to help companies hit targets set by the VOC Solvents Emissions Directive.

Exhibiting at the show, Incorez will announce details of the product and feature details of development work.

This will include a new waterborne epoxy curing agent – Incorez 148/604 – along with a series of case studies demonstrating the benefits of oxazolidine technology in various polyurethane-coating applications and guide formulations.

Incorez 148/604 will help companies comply with the requirements of the VOC Solvents Emissions Directive, the main policy instrument for the reduction of industrial emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the EU.

The VOC Solvents Emissions Directive requires installations to comply either with the emission limit values set out in the directive or with the requirements of the reduction scheme.

Incorez’ waterborne epoxy curing agent, Incorez 148/604, is a water-soluble polyamine curing agent that is APEO, formaldehyde and solvent free, and so does not contribute to the VOC levels of the coating formulation.

It is designed to produce very tough and durable, high-gloss water-based coatings with both liquid and solid epoxy resins.

In particular, this hardener displays very good compatibility with neat Bisphenol A type liquid epoxies, such as Epikote 828, to provide excellent hardness and cure development.

Incorez 148/604 is being introduced to the waterborne epoxy curing agent range to provide formulators and technicians with the opportunity to develop formulations based on a zero-VOC hardener.

At the show, Incorez will also present research in the form of three case studies, which demonstrate the use of oxazolidines.

The case studies are entitled: ‘Enhancing the performance of 1-C PU flooring systems using oxazolidine latent hardeners’; ‘Enhancing the performance of aromatic PU sealant prepolymers using oxazolidine latent hardeners’; Benefits of oxazolidine moisture scavengers in wind-turbine protective topcoats.

Each case study will outline the work carried out and provide a comprehensive set of data to demonstrate the use of this technology.

In addition, Incorez will demonstrate the versatility of its waterborne epoxy curing agents by presenting a series of new guide formulations that incorporate its range of zero- and low-VOC hardeners.

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