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The Product Development Company has announced Cocreate 17.0, the next major release of its explicit modeling 3D CAD software.

Cocreate aims to help companies achieve short design cycles and create one-off product designs quickly.

Cocreate 17.0 by leverages concepts and techniques familiar in 2D to make its 3D solution easy to understand and use.

Productivity gains with Cocreate 17.0 as compared to Cocreate 16.0 include: accelerated design productivity by up to two times; reduced time spent creating 2D profiles by 40 per cent; models modified up to two times faster; models modified with the push-and-pull design paradigm three times faster; reduced time spent creating and modifying advanced 3D patterns by 60 per cent.

With Cocreate 17.0, over 560 enhancements across the Cocreate range are being introduced, including interactive, intuitive ways of working with 2D profiles and 3D models: real-time explicit modelling and rendering; context-sensitive mini toolbars; interaction paradigms and tools to minimise need for traditional UI; intelligent 3D dimension drive change for complex modifications; leverage of model geometry in the 2D workplane, automatic projection and catch; intelligent feature recognition, including recognition on imported models; cross-part and assembly-model modification, plus simultaneous modification across-imported and native models.

Cocreate and Pro/Engineer work together to allow companies using both tools, either themselves or through suppliers, seamless product-development collaboration.

Cocreate and Pro/Engineer compatibility allows: high-quality import of Pro/Engineer parts and assemblies into Cocreate Modeling; high-quality granite-based export of parts and assemblies from Cocreate Modeling; maintained association with Pro/Engineer and exported geometry; and leveraged part and assembly association via the Pro/Engineer associative topology bus (ATB).

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