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Cogent will launch an advanced trace metals analyser, which is ideal for use in both industrial and remote locations, at this year’s Water, Wastewater and Environment Monitoring (WWEM) event.

The new OVA7000 reduces monitoring costs and offers flexibility because it can be configured to meet customer requirements for both accuracy and speed.

Providing continuous unattended monitoring for a range of analytes (total As, Au, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Ni, Tl, U and Zn), the OVA7000 is suitable for applications including surface water, industrial wastewater and process water.

The analyser is ideal for remote sites because it can operate from DC power and offers both wired and wireless communications.

Automatic pre-treatment has been incorporated into the design to ensure accuracy and reliability.

The company, which will be found on Stand 64 at the event in November, will also feature the OVA7000As, which has been designed for the measurement of arsenic in drinking water and which incorporates a copper reduction system to ensure excellent performance.

Cogent Environmental

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