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Cognitens, part of Hexagon Metrology and a provider of 3D measurement systems, has launched its latest software suite.

This latest release, titled Version 4.1, will be available in several languages.

It offers localised language along with other improvements for Cognitens Optigo and Opticell systems.

In this multilingual release, five languages will be made available: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

The version features a multilingual user interface for operating the devices, on-screen results and annotation, messages, editable objects and reports – all in the selected language.

The software includes multilingualism for the following products.

Optigo Measurement, for example, is used to control the Optigo operation, carry out dimensional measurements, produce inspection reports and generate high-quality 3D outputs for reverse engineering or advanced studies.

Opticell Teach and Automatic Measurement is used to program automated routines, execute approved robotic inspection programs and analyse 3D measurement results online.

Coreview Plan is used for accelerating tasks of planning, defining and preparing dimensional measurement programs for Opticell and Optigo systems.

Coreview Pro offers tools for dimensional measurement analysis, visual SPC, quality inspection reporting and collaboration based on Opticell and Optigo white light measurement results.

Coreview Lite is a 3D metrology results viewer for cross-company collaboration and quality improvements based on the Cognitens Coreview format for full surface, feature and edge measurements.

This latest enhancement allows customers to operate the Optigo and Opticell systems, train new users and exchange 3D metrology data between different facilities more easily.

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