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Schuler Automation has extended its range of modular coil-feeding lines with the addition of the compact C series.

These lines are said to be particularly suitable for smaller coil strip widths of 300-800mm and lower capacities of 3-8 tonnes.

As a result, small and medium-sized businesses can now also benefit from the advantages of this low-cost modular system, Schuler said.

All components of the production line must be carefully co-ordinated with each other – from the front-of-line area with coil line and roll feed to the press itself and through to the end-of-line area with removal devices and stacking units.

The C series was developed to round out Schuler’s existing range of standardised modular coil-feeding lines in long space design for the lower range of coil strip widths.

The benefits of a series with co-ordinated modular elements become apparent, for example, if an existing eccentric press with modular coil feed is to be replaced by a new servo press.

In order to fully exploit the high output potential of the servo press, the performance of the coil-feeding line must also be improved.

This is where the modular design comes into its own: the average coil speed of the straightener is raised by a predefined drive package and the dynamics of the roll feed are increased by a second drive.

The performance of the coil line is therefore aligned with that of the press.

Similarly, the press line’s level of automation can also be changed in this way – for example, by adding a coil-loading cart.

This helps to avoid any potential waiting time, for example, due to crane loading.

The time needed for setup procedures can therefore also be optimised.

The C series is also said to offer all the claimed technical benefits of Schuler’s existing coil feeding lines.

Parts that can be produced using such lines include floor panels, frame parts, pedals, and license plates, as well as parts made from surface-sensitive materials, such as kitchen sinks, hobs and claddings.

In designing the C series, Schuler put particular emphasis on ensuring quick and easy cleaning of all equipment parts that come into contact with the material.

For example, the straightener can be opened by the operator to quickly clean the straightening rolls from the operating side.

Moreover, all Schuler coil feeding lines are equipped with high-quality components and technical features that are said to ensure quality, performance, flexibility and reliability.

This also extends to the operating concept, which allows simple and assisted handling.

By combining a coil-feeding line with the Schuler Power Feed roll-feed unit, operators of servo presses in particular will be able to benefit from the technical possibilities of a co-ordinated system from a single source.

A demonstration line at Schuler’s facility in Goeppingen, Germany, enables customers to experience the benefits of a modular coil-feeding line first-hand.

A Schuler press with Servodirect drive and C series coil-feeding line was enhanced by the addition of a suitable Schuler Power Feed roll-feed unit.

The automation components were adapted for use in the servo press.

As a result, the performance of the front-of-line area was increased by around 60 per cent and the full performance of the servo press can now be utilised.

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