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Doppler Flowmeter Brochure - .PDF file.

Cole-Parmer has launched the handheld Doppler flowmeter and the portable Enhanced-Doppler flowmeter.

The handheld Doppler flowmeter is said to be portable and flexible for diagnosing flow profiles throughout a process.

The unit uses advanced signal processing to measure flow in pipes sized 1in to 60in in diameter.

This non-invasive design is suited for measuring slurries and dirty fluids in the chemical industry, construction, mining, food processing and sewage/water treatment plants.

The sensor can be installed on dense-material pipes (not typiccally transit/clay, concrete or fibreglass).

The user can view flow velocity in ft/sec or m/sec (switch selectable) on a large-character four-digit LCD.

Also displayed is signal strength and low-battery condition.

The unit’s power management capabilities extend battery life to 30 continuous hours.

The handheld Doppler flowmeter comes with a caser, a sensor with 6ft cable, a tube of transducer couplant and four AA batteries.

The portable Enhanced-Doppler flowmeter offers enhanced signal processing for use on relatively clean fluids.

It features a weatherproof design for monitoring or troubleshooting in almost any environment.

This flowmeter’s signal processing algorithm allows for use with fluids that are cleaner than most Doppler meters can operate with.

In addition, accuracy is improved with a microprocessor that automatically frequently tracks and linearises the Doppler signal for turbulent or asymmetric flows.

The tranducers should be mounted to dense-material pipes (not typically transit/clay, concrete or fibreglass) and work with pipe sizes from 1/4in to 20in in diameter.

They are non-fouling to prevent permanent coating with grease, paraffin and coupling materials.

Flow can be measured in ft/sec or flow rate in GPM or MGD.

A totaliser registering in gallons is also included.

A 4-20mA output signal is available for monitoring or recording flow data.

The rechargable battery lasts eight hours and non-volatile memory saves parameters when the battery needs recharging.

If planning to use this unit in a clean-fluid application, the sensors should be placed one to three pipe diameters downstream from a 90-deg elbow.

Included in this package are: heavy-duty nema 4x carrying case, two sensors with 20ft cable for each, sensor mounting straps, transducer couplant, output cable, and rechargable battery with charger.


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