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Cole-Parmer has introduced the Masterflex L/S Peristaltic Pump System (WZ-77921-70) that features a precision digital drive with high-accuracy motor and graphical user interface.

The digital pump system solves most dispensing and filling applications in the laboratory, offering quick setup and precise operation for metering, transfer and dispensing applications.

The precision pump offers a brushless motor with +/-0.1 per cent accuracy, precise speed control (+/-0.1 per cent), menu-driven interface with options of seven languages and analogue remote-control capabilities.

The pump is suitable for standalone laboratory work and automated process applications and the user can view pump performance continuously on the graphical interface.

Users can select from four operating modes; continuous/transfer run and three dispense modes, including batch dispensing and dispensing by volume with an optional time delay of 1 to 9,999sec between each dispense cycle.

The pump can save one calibration per tubing size and retains the calibration even when the power is turned off.

The advantage of using a peristaltic pump is that the media is confined within the tubing, eliminating cross contamination between the media and the pump.

Combined with low maintenance and gentle pumping action with low shear on the media, peristaltic pumps are suitable for applications requiring high purity, metering of chemicals, pharmaceutical products, food additives and food product.

This laboratory pump package includes a Masterflex digital drive, an Easy-Load II pumphead for quick tubing changes and Masterflex L/S 24 Tygon LFL tubing.

Alternate tubing can be chosen as per the application requirements from the range of Masterflex tubing.


Cole-Parmer’s Process Product range includes process equipment, control and measurement instrumentation, fluid handling products, and personal safety items, including:

  • Wide range of metering and general transfer pumps, including diaphragm, bellows, centrifugal, drum, gear, hand, industrial hose, piston, peristaltic tubing, progressing cavity, rotary lobe, rotary vane and syringe technologies
  • Flowmeters and flow controllers for liquid and gas applications including variable area, Coriolis, gear, propeller, magnetic, differential pressure, thermal dispersion, turbine, ultrasonic, and vortex technologies
  • Electrochemistry products for pH, temperature, conductivity, mV, ions, dissolved-oxygen, TDS, salinity, and ORP
  • Temperature measurement and control including thermometers, controllers, probes, calibrators, recorders and data loggers
  • Pressure and vacuum instruments including vacuum pumps, pressure gauges and pressure regulators
  • General process equipment and consumables including Mixers, ultrasonic cleaners,  tubing, valves, fittings, heating tapes. and tanks

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