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Colortrac has announced that its SmartLF Ci 40e large-format scanner is now available with a certified Isis driver.

Created by Pixel Translations (now EMC), Isis is a software standard for the acquisition, viewing, format conversion, printing and storage of documents in order to ensure consistent and reliable communication between hardware and software.

Isis is the basis for a public domain standard, ANSI/AIIM MS61-1996 Application Programming Interface (API) for Scanners in Document Imaging Systems, issued also as ISO 14984.

More than 300 high-speed small-format document scanners are available with this industry standard, enterprise-level interface, which ensures that scanned information is integrated into electronic document management (EDM) and electronic document capture (EDC) applications for digital distribution, processing and storage.

The SmartLF Ci 40 large-format scanner range is said to be suited to EDC/EDM applications with its high speed, colour capability and small footprint.

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