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Comocri has announced the results of two trials demonstrating good results and cost savings on trade effluent filtering from two companies within the food manufacturing sector.

The first trial was held at a company involved in the manufacture of cooked meat products and had recently suffered problems with its discharge due to high separable oils and grease levels.

Using its MESB technology, Comocri conducted a trial over several hours taking the effluent from the present effluent outfall and passing this straight through the MESB unit.

The MESB unit – which has no chemical usage or high-energy requirements – performed without any problems.

Several samples were taken and left with the customer for analysis.

The results were as follows: COD reduced from 2,300mg/l to 1,330 mg/l; suspended solids reduced from 814mg/l to 112mg/l; and oils and greases reduced from 770mg/l to 50mg/l.

When these values are calculated by the mogden formula relevant to this particular utility company, the savings generated were in the order of GBP0.74p per cubic metre.

The second trial was held at a bakery and cake-producing facility.

The equipment selected for the task was the Comocri de-oiler 2000 with intermediate filtration, utilising MESB technology.

The trial was run over a number of hours with samples taken periodically by the bakery’s own staff.

The subsequent analysis, which was carried out by the utility company concerned in this area, showed the following results (inlet values): COD 3,630mg/l; suspended solids 902mg/l; and oils and separable grease 652mg/l.

The outlet samples had the following values: COD 1,840mg/l; suspended solids 234mg/l; and oils and separable grease 84mg/l.

When the Mogden formula was applied to this utility company’s charges, the savings were in the order of some GBP1.34 per cubic metre and when multiplied by the volume gave an annual saving of some GBP175,000 per annum giving a payback of less than 12 months.

Comocri is willing to carry out trials for companies that think they would benefit – the trial requires little effort on the client’s behalf and is provided free-of-charge.

All the company asks is that it is given access to analysis results for its own data banks.

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