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Comocri’s range of dewatering units are be used to solve water-based lubrication problems in a number of power stations on a variety of equipment.

The intensive trialling/live demonstrations strategy undertaken by Comocri throughout 2009 has resulted in orders being placed by several companies within the power-generating industry.

The trials demonstrated the units’ ability to be self financing and provide energy savings, and provided engineers with solutions to long-existing problems.

The type of equipment now being supported by Comocri’s units covers a range of power station functions, from start and standby pumps through main boiler feed pumps and 660MW turbo generators.

Comocri has recently reacted to a request from a coal-fired power station, where one of its main boiler feed pumps had developed a problem.

The installed water-removal equipment could not cope and the oil had a constantly rising ppm count running to many thousands.

By installing one of its smaller units (OTS 40), Comocri was able to bring the water contamination down in a matter of days to levels that are within station parameters, allowing engineers to implement remedial work to a time that suits the maintenance schedule and caters for the operational needs of the business.

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