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Fein has announced the launch of the WS 14 series of compact angle-grinders for industry and trade applications.

Compact Fein grinders for metalworking are available in different equipment variants, offering individual solutions for users in industry and manual trades.

The manufacturer is presenting two new series: angle-grinder models with a classic on/off switch and angle-grinders with a special safety package.

Fein said its compact angle-grinders are robust and reliable.

To make sure Fein WS 14 angle-grinders last a long time, the motor and gearhead form a single stable unit.

The field coil and armature are fitted so as to prevent them twisting.

The motor structure is self-supporting.

The optimised cool-air guide ensures high airflow and the extra-wide collectors ensure better temperature distribution.

The tools also have additional features to protect them against dust and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

The low-maintenance high-power motor delivers high torque levels and can withstand permanent loads up to 1800W so the disc is not damaged during operation.

The ergonomic shape, resulting from the optimum positioning of the motor in the housing, enables fatigue-free working with little effort even in tough continual use.

All Fein compact angle-grinders are equipped with soft-start and restart lock.

The safety angle-grinders, featuring the Tipstart function with Autostop, developed by Fein, are said to be safe and comfortable to use.

The user only needs to hold down one of four buttons while using the tool.

The light conductor switch concept and the dust-proof arrangement of the four-button units increase the service life of the power tools.

The 230V versions of the Fein angle-grinders WSB 10-115 T and WSB 14-125 T are also equipped with the electronic braking system, which stops the disc in just three seconds after the button has been released, thereby preventing dangerous overrun periods.

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