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ICP DAS has introduced the uPAC-7186EXD-FD, a small controller with data-logging capabilities and web server for use in lab applications such as equipment testing, water treatment and machine control.

The controller comes equipped with an 80MHz CPU, 64MB of flash memory (10^5 Erase/Write Cycles), one 10/100 Base T Ethernet port, three serial ports and a seven-segment LED display.

As a remote monitoring system it helps with trouble shooting, system analysis and trending that helps make machines more efficient and cost-effective.

Data can be monitored in real-time and archived for future analysis.

Alarms can be sent based on configured conditions, such as when an input is out of range.

The uPAC-7186EXD-FD’s processing and memory capability make it suitable for data logging as well as a range of control applications from the plant floor to the futuristic laboratory, including equipment testing, water treatment and machine control.

A wide range of demo programs, such as time synchronisation using NTP to aid development, are available.

Because it is robust and compact, the unit can be installed in harsh environments and can fit in small spaces.

A wireless data-logging system can be set up in minutes.

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