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Parker Hannifin has introduced the AC650S, a compact drive with a sensorless algorithm for permanent magnet motors, designed to save energy in conveyors, fans, pumps, hydraulic systems and extruders.

The drive is also suitable for applications in which a compact motor footprint is an advantage, such as in machine tools, packaging machines, conveyors, winders/unwinders and special purpose machines.

Magnet motors offer reduced size and higher efficiency compared to AC induction motors of the same power ratings but have traditionally required the use of feedback sensors, increasing cost and complexity while impacting on overall system reliability.

The sensorless AC650S enables users to take advantage of these more efficient products without the need for feedback sensors, and to thus save energy.

Designed for easy commissioning and simple operation, the drive is supplied with built-in macros for the applications such as basic speed control, manual/auto control, preset speed, raise/lower and PID control, requiring users to set just a couple of motor parameters to complete the commissioning process.

A setup wizard will optimally tune the drive according to the load characteristics of any PM motor, enabling simple tailoring of the drive for best performance in more demanding applications.

Parker also provides a library function for its own NX series PM motors, which removes any tuning requirements.

The front panel interface provides control and monitoring of the drive parameters, simplifying diagnostics and maintenance.

In addition, a free programming, monitoring and diagnostic software platform (DSE Lite) is available, providing functions such as a chart recorder to monitor every parameter.

For simpler maintenance, an optional cloning module allows up to 10 drive configurations to be saved, archived and cloned without the need for a PC.

Available in power ratings from 0.25 to 1.5kW for single-phase supplies and up to 7.5kW for three-phase supplies, the AC650S is claimed to be one of the smallest drives in its class.

The ability to mount the drives side by side minimises panel space requirements, while a built-in EMC filter provides compliance to EN61800-3.

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