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Technosoft has brought out the IBL3605, an intelligent servo drive that reaches up to 600W peak power and measures only 65 x 58 x 19mm.

The IBL3605 features an embedded motion controller, drive and PLC functionality.

It can control brushless, step, DC or linear motors up to 180W (36V, 5A).

It can be mounted beside the motor, reducing cables and maintenance.

It is fully programmable and extremely flexible.

The IBL3605 can be used as a network drive in distributed motion systems using a CAN / CANopen interface, or as a stand-alone motion controller for single-axis control.

With the IBL3605, motion programming is carried out from a CANopen master via PC / PLC using the appropriate motion library, or directly at drive level using the built-in motion controller and the Easymotion Studio platform.

Its embedded motion controller uses the same high-level motion language (TML) for all motor versions.

The powerful TML programming can simplify complex applications by distributing the intelligence between master and drives.

This removes the problem of attempting to command each step of an axis movement from the master, instead allowing the user to program the drive in TML to execute complex tasks and to inform the master when these tasks have been completed.

Configuration, tuning and maintenance are intuitive, with features including basic and expert parameter views.

The IBL3605 can execute motion modes such as contouring, profiling, gearing, electronic camming and PVT.

The drive is equipped with several sensors (incremental encoders, digital and linear Halls) and communication options (CANopen, CAN or RS-232).

Starter kits and motion libraries are available for quick evaluation and integration into industrial applications.

IBL3605 provides top servo performance, compactness, networking and intelligence capabilities using a high-level programming environment.

These features make the IBL3605 suitable for modern motion-control applications, suited for all high-precision industrial areas where space is critical.

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