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Control Techniques has launched the Unimotor hd, a compact servomotor aimed primarily at applications requiring high peak torque overload for short durations during acceleration or deceleration.

It can also be used in general servo applications where space is at a premium.

Unimotor hd has low inertia, thanks to its segmented stator (cut core), giving a dynamic performance.

Control Techniques said compared with an equivalent rated distributed wound servomotor, the Unimotor hd design is around half the length.

It complements the general-purpose Unimotor fm to complete the company’s servomotor offering.

Initially, it is launched with frame sizes 055, 067, 089 and 115, covering the range 0.85Nm to 16Nm, with larger frame sizes extending the rating to 70Nm to be available later.

The motor is said to be ideal for flying shear, cut-to-length and pick-and-place applications, for example, in the packaging, wire bending and food and beverage industries.

Unimotor hd has been developed using a design process that prioritises product innovation, performance and reliability and uses advanced modelling tools that allow new ideas to be evaluated, prototyped and tested.

Unimotor hd servomotors have a range of feedback options, including incremental encoders, Sincos encoders, single- and multi-turn (supporting Hiperface protocol), Absolute encoders, single- and multi-turn (supporting Endat protocol) and resolver.

Motors fitted with Sincos or Absolute feedback can be pre-loaded with the motor ’electronic nameplate’ data that is automatically read by the chosen Control Techniques servo drive.

An optional high-energy dissipation parking brake is available, rated higher than motor stall torque.

Unimotor hd can be supplied with windings to suit 200V and 400V supply and with rated speeds of 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 6,000rev/min.

Pre-wired motor and feedback cable assemblies are also available.

Motors will be CE and RoHS compliant.

Future additions will include a wash-down motor that will be food-grade compliant, and an Atex version of the motor, both to be released in late 2010.

Control Techniques

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