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Logitrans has developed the Logiflex Self Mini to meet demand for a light and manoeuvrable fully-powered stacker to enhance efficiency and performance in material-handling applications.

The company said the Logiflex Self Mini is safe, compact and user-friendly, and with an overall height of 1,320mm, it ensures the user has optimum sight conditions.

The Logiflex Self Mini requires very little space to manoeuvre.

It is said to be ideal for dealing with light handling of goods in production areas where machines are placed as close as possible to save floorage.

It is also suited for applications dealing with ergonomically correct arrangement of workstations, Logitrans said.

The Logiflex Self Mini manages all lifting jobs to heights of 920mm and 1,650mm and is also available with straddle legs and several Logitrans optional extras.

All Logitrans products are designed from an ergonomic point of view.

With the AC-technology, the user will experience a comfortable driving experience, a long operation time and an optimum adjustment to the individual person and application.

Features such as driving speed, acceleration and deceleration can easily be set by the user and adjusted to the specific working situation or job.

The Logiflex Self Mini has variable speed control and motor brake.

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