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Advanced Test Equipment Rentals has released the Keithley 2015 total harmonic distortion (THD) multimeter, which is suitable for telephone and automotive speaker testing, for example.

Combining audio-band-quality measurements and analysis with a full-function 6.5-digit DMM, test engineers can make a range of voltage, resistance, current, frequency and distortion measurements, all with the compact, half-rack Keithley multimeter.

For applications such as assessing non-linear distortion in components, devices and systems, DSP-based processing allows the Model 2015 to provide frequency domain analysis in conventional time domain instruments.

Abilities include the measurement of THD over the complete 20Hz to 20kHz audio band, as well as measurement over a wide input range (up to 750Vrms).

The multimeter has a low residual distortion of -87dB.

In addition to THD, this harmonic distortion multimeter can compute THD plus noise and signal-to-noise plus distortion (SINAD).

For analyses in which the individual harmonics are the criteria of greatest interest, the instruments can report any of the (up to 64) harmonic magnitudes that can be included in the distortion measurements.

The user can program the actual number of harmonics to be included in a computation.

Other applications include: wireless communication device audio quality testing; component linearity testing; and lighting and ballast THD limit conformance testing.

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