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Components manufacturer SAF-Holland has designed SAF 60 One, a compact wheel end targeted at commercial vehicle manufacturers, fleets and freight transport companies.

For commercial vehicles, less weight means a useful load gain and less diesel consumption.

SAF-Holland, which supplies axles and air suspension systems as original equipment for semi-trailers and trailers, believes that, with today’s chassis, weight-saving potential is practically exhausted, for example, through wall-thickness reduction in the axle tube or the lightweight construction of suspension systems.

One area where further weight reductions are possible is wheel ends.

The 120mm and the 0mm offsets have been standard in the commercial vehicle industry for many years.

SAF-Holland said both the 120mm and the 0mm have very different strengths, but one common weakness: their respective advantages are not interchangeable, or at least have not been to date.

To make weight reductions possible, the company has designed SAF 60 One, a compact wheel end with a new wheel offset of 60mm.

This is said to allow a weight reduction of up to 204kg for a tri-axle and make it possible to have standard wheels for axles with disc or drum brakes as well as for tractors and trailers.

This offers potential for vehicle manufacturers and, in particular, for fleets and freight transport companies.

SAF 60 One means instead of 120mm and 0mm offsets, there will in future be only one wheel end with a 60mm offset.

This can be equipped with disc or drum brakes and have steel or aluminium rims.

Moreover, it can be used for the tractor and for the trailer.

SAF 60 One has been designed for axle loads of nine to 10 ton.


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