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Wire Belt will showcase the Compactgrid conveyor belt at IBA 2009.

Compactgrid can handle smaller, more delicate products, while providing a lower mass open-mesh belt design that is ideal for high-speed processing operations.

Engineered with a 70 per cent open surface area, Compactgrid provides optimal performance for processes in which product coating, drainage and liquid or air circulation are factors.

In a recent test, Compactgrid had five times greater flow-through than the average plastic modular belt.

Compactgrid’s flow-through capabilities will reduce the time required to heat up or cool down a product, therefore reducing energy costs.

The increased open area of the Compactgrid belt combined with its excellent flow-through characteristics enable easier and more thorough cleaning and sanitation of the processor’s conveyor systems.

These are advantageous in food-processing facilities, where water-resource management and minimisation of cleaning agents and chemical waste streams are important.

Wire Belt will also present the Slim-Profile Sprockets, designed exclusively for Compactgrid conveyor belts.

The Slim-Profile Sprockets can be used an alternative solution for driving Compactgrid conveyor belts, offering less mass than standard drive components.

Slim-Profile Sprockets have less material, meaning conveyors don’t work as hard to keep processes moving, increasing efficiency.

Available in stainless steel or polyacetal plastic, they are easily installed on drive setups.

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