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Compair has added seven new variable-speed compressor models to its portfolio, enabling it to offer a full range of energy-efficient rotary screw machines from 11kW to 250kW.

The L11VS to L18VS range has been designed with energy efficiency in mind and can meet the wide variation in air demand necessary in modern processes.

Each compressor features a variable-speed drive that helps to minimise energy use, as the unit produces the right volume of air required by the factory network at all times.

A compressor with a greater range of volume output is generally more cost-efficient to operate as the machine will automatically adjust or ‘turn down’ its flow rate to the most economic level.

Therefore, each machine in the new range is engineered to offer good performance, with a volume-flow turndown that is claimed to be up to 17 per cent greater than comparable compressors.

With a compressor that has a limited flow range, the machine will typically go into offload mode when it reaches its minimum flow.

This is both inefficient and costly as the compressor continues to run, thereby consuming energy, with no output.

In addition, the motor will be forced to stop and restart, putting additional wear on components and increasing overall cost of ownership through increased maintenance and energy consumption.

Compair’s L11 VS machine can continue running at as little as 10 per cent flow at 7 bar pressure, for maximum flexibility of operation and greater control over air usage.

The range is available in two frame sizes with a low noise level from 65-70dB(A).

This allows the compressor to be sited at the point of use, saving time and cost as there is no need to house the unit in a separate room or install additional pipework.

Each unit is supplied with the Airsmart controller.

This provides an easy-to-read plain-text display and simple controls that enable users to monitor important compressor parameters and carry out diagnostic checks such as oil life expectancy and energy usage.

Compair also offers a range of optional extras, allowing users to tailor the compressor installation to suit requirements.

These can include a built-in dryer, which does not increase the overall package dimensions.

With the dew point controlled by Airsmart, this is said to remove the need for a separate dryer control system, to save installation cost.

Other options include an electronic condensate drain, an air receiver sized to match the compressor dimensions and a communications module.

This can control up to eight variable-speed compressors simultaneously and set the operating point at the most energy efficient load.

Every compressor in the range is supplied with Compair Assure extended warranty.

This warranty is based on the number of operating hours rather than a standard yearly-based approach and is provided free-of-charge up to 24,000 hours with each new machine, with the option to extend the cover to 44,000 hours.

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