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The NCEC has identified companies failing to adopt new regulations on lithium-battery transportation.

Directives for the air transport of all lithium batteries came into force in January and similar rules for carriage by road will apply in June 2009.

The rules were set out in the 2009 editions of RID/ADR/ADN and state that all transportation modes distributing lithium batteries will be required to provide an information telephone number on certain currently exempted packages and the documents that accompany them.

Lithium batteries are found in most mobile phones, laptops and other electronic equipment.

In some instances, lithium-ion batteries have been known to ignite.

The conditions of carriage for even small quantities of lithium batteries have now changed, with new UN numbers created.

Dan Haggarty, emergency response manager at NCEC, said: ‘Ignoring the risks related to the transport of lithium batteries may open companies to prosecution and unlimited fines in the event of a serious incident.’ Information on the new regulations is available from the NCEC’s website.

National Chemical Emergency Centre

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