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Schunk is offering a range of compensation units to help robots to avoid malfunctions and damages to the tooling or part and to ensure improved efficiency and process reliability.

Depending on the size of the AGE-F compensation unit, it can balance planar offsets between +/-1.5mm and +/-5mm without twisting or tilting the workpiece.

By means of three different springs per size, the flexibility of the unit is defined.

With an adjustment screw, the springs are preloaded and forces are fine-tuned.

This enables the unit to be adjusted to the various applications – a benefit for pneumatic compensation units, which can usually be adjusted as ‘soft’ or ‘rigid’.

Since the AGE-F works mechanically without any pneumatic elements, it is very flat and particularly suitable for applications in narrow machining areas.

Instead of sliding guides, it is equipped with smoothly running roll guides.

This allows the use of longer gripper fingers and an assembly that is almost twice as high.

Since roll guides are used, the unit will always work with excellent precision, according to the company.

It even compensates for small compensation forces without the ‘stick-slip effect’.

Spring-actuated resetting pistons centre the unit automatically at a repeat accuracy of 0.003mm.

For robot fastening, the AGE-F is equipped with an ISO flange-mounting interface.

This enables the mounting of the PGN-plus and PZN-plus units.

Two teachable magnetic proximity switches enable the monitoring of deflections in X and Y direction at two positions each.

The Schunk TCU compensation unit has base plates that are connected with elastomer pads.

This enables the TCU units to compensate in X, Y and Z directions and corrects angular errors to result in a rotational compensation.

An optional pneumatic locking device is available so that the compensation unit can be rigidly connected and so that the vibration of the tool or gripper can be prevented while the robot arm is moving.

The TCU compensation unit is designed for the Schunk PGN-plus and PZN-plus grippers but also for the JGP and JGZ units.

The compensation paths in the X, Y and Z directions are 0.4mm to 1mm, depending on the size, with compensation angles of between 1deg and 3deg.

The new Schunk AGE-K compensation and adjustment units are said to be ideal for the fast and precise assembly, palletising or insertion of workpieces at constant positioning points.

The positions of these units are mechanically adjusted via a spindle drive and are then clamped.

Without swinging or snapping back, the unit holds the defined position steady and moves in that direction.

The compensation stroke in X and Y directions amounts to +/-4mm or +/-5mm, depending on the size of the unit.

Smoothly running cross-roller guidance also allows a permanently precise function of the unit.

With the ISO flange-mounting interface, the unit can be fastened on the robot.

The PGN-plus 64 to 125 and PZN-plus 64 to 125 gripper types can be mounted directly.

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