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Mitsubishi Electric has launched the Melsoft IQ Works Software Suite, to address the challenges of engineering, developing and maintaining advanced production lines over the whole product life cycle.

Rather than having to rely on separate software tools for different products, engineers using IQ Works benefit from complete integrated engineering software suite for Mitsubishi Electric’s full range of automation platforms, PLCs, HMIs, servo/motion systems and for the future variable speed drives, PC-based controllers Robots and CNC systems.

IQ Works provides programming, configuration, simulation and maintenance tools for the full portfolio of Mitsubishi products and technologies in a single environment, with a seamless graphical front end that guides the user through the programming process.

It brings inherent structure and productivity gains to any engineering project, from the simplest application to the most complex automation system.

At the heart of IQ Works, Melsoft Navigator simplifies project management with functions such as graphical system design and configuration, complete with full system-configuration check.

It enables effortless design of the entire control-level systems, with functions such as batch-parameter setting for networks; multi-CPU parameters and I/O assignment; system labels to share data across all parts of IQ Works; and batch read of projects, for back up, directly from the hardware in the field after commissioning.

Melsoft Navigator integrates seamlessly with the other tools included within IQ Works, such as GX Works2 PLC programming and maintenance software, MT Works2 motion-control development software and GT Works3 HMI programming, screen-creation and maintenance software.

GX Works2 is an IEC61131-3-style programming software that enables the configuration and programming of Mitsubishi FX and Q Series controllers.

For high efficiency, GX Works2 allows developers to mix and match between multiple different programming languages, each conforming to a different programming style, enabling the developer to select the language best suited for the job.

This environment also allows parts of projects to be saved in libraries for use within future applications.

This means that once a function, function block, program or structure is written, tested and proven, it can be integrated into new systems within minutes.

MT Works2 offers programming, configuration and maintenance software for Q Series motion controllers, including IQ Platform products and standalone motion controllers.

MT Works2 provides an intuitive environment for motion system design, program development, debugging, startup, operation and maintenance.

Key improvements in the latest release are the ability to import and export third-party cam profiles, added label and structured data type programming, powerful monitoring and debugging options, a built-in digital oscilloscope for trace functions, increased password security for OEMs and improved printing options.

GT Works3 is the design and configuration software for Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series HMIs, providing all the attributes and graphical elements needed to quickly and easily develop visualisation projects.

GT Works3 provides a simple means for users to navigate and access detailed project, system and screen settings.

Data-entry fields, dialogue windows and placement aids have been designed to reduce development time and increase flexibility.

The standard graphics library offers comprehensive collections of realistic and sophisticated visualisation elements.

Once screen development is complete, one-touch simulation enables developers to debug and verify their projects using real-time variables and conditions.

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