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C and L has assisted Cameron in reducing its compressed air energy costs by installing two Boge SLF 61 frequency-controlled screw compressors and an airtelligence Provis energy-management system.

The Boge SLF series combines a direct coupled drive system with frequency control to provide pressure control under variable output requirements.

The SLF is therefore a low-carbon technology that works strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required.

For flow equipment provider Cameron, this reduces associated energy costs and ensures that only the most energy-efficient supply of compressed air is produced at any given time going forward.

To ensure that energy efficiency stayed on track, an Airtelligence Provis energy-management system from Boge was also recommended.

This consumption-based multi-compressor energy-management system is able to control, manage and optimise up to 16 compressors of any make or model.

By monitoring all of the compressors within a compressed air system and continuously adapting to changes in compressed air demand, Airtelligence Provis systematically and predictively takes control of a system, minimising off-load running while optimising pressure.

The online visualisation programme makes it possible to continually manage and monitor the compressed-air system at any time and in any place.

This tool provides reports on flow volume and operating status of all compressors in the system to maintenance intervals, error alerts, and energy consumption and costs for the entire system, as well as for each individual compressor.

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