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Mattei has provided a compressor solution for mobile vehicle paint repair vans.

Smart ABC is a smart repair franchise in the automotive paint repair market.

The company operates through a network of franchised businesses around the UK, providing a Mercedes Vito van complete with tools and equipment to carry out repair work.

As part of the solution, Mattei’s AS1 compressors have been installed into the back of the vans, meeting the requirements to provide considerable air output from a very quiet and compact unit.

Jamie May from Smart ABC explains the company’s brief: ‘We had two needs for the compressed air.

‘First, It had to be powerful enough for the paint spray guns, which are used to provide the high-quality finish.

‘It also had to provide the air for the breathing equipment, which the operators use when spray painting.

‘After considering the options available from a number of compressor manufacturers, we chose Mattei’s AS1 compressor.

‘Under Mattei’s recommendations, we had additional filters installed on the compressor to produce the extremely clean air required to meet standards for breathable air,’ he added.

Mattei’s AS1, part of the 100 series, provided Smart ABC with a robust compressor that would deliver the volume of air needed to power the tools and breathing equipment simultaneously.

Andy Jones from Mattei said: ‘Smart ABC set a number of parameters for the type of compressor it was looking for.

‘The compressors had to be robust with a low running noise and be economical to install in every van.

‘The AS1 provided the solution due to its low maintenance, quiet running and compact design,’ he added.

Mattei’s 100 series has no external radiator or coupling, so is easy to maintain.

The range offers air delivery from 160 to 320 litres/min (5.6 to 11.3cfm) and the units come as a ready-to-use package with the option of a 90, 200 or 270-litre air receiver.

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