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Torchmate’s 2X2 CNC Prototyping System incorporates computer-operated metal-cutting machinery into a mobile and affordable package that fits into any garage, and any budget.

Previously, claims Torchmate, computer-automated fabrication was reserved for metal shops with large budgets.

With the 2X2 CNC Prototyping System, however, hobbyists, off-road vehicle owners, fabricators and small shop owners are enabled to build intricate and professional parts.

Sold with versatile software and compatible with multiple tools, the 2X2’s functions are claimed to be repeatable, precise and fast.

The 2X2 cuts, drills and engraves and can also be used as a router and plasma cutter.

The system allows an off-road vehicle owner to improve his suspension or customise a rig for a demanding off-road race.

Similarly, it gives hobbyists the ability to manufacture custom metal parts in their garage.

Welders, engineers and small metal shops owners could also use the 2X2 for many tasks.

Torchmate claims it is a smaller version of a very expensive machine.

It is claimed to have all the capabilities of a prototyping machine, which typically costs tens of thousands of dollars, but is offered at less than USD3,000 for the basic machine.

The 2X2’s repeatability allows a user to design a part once and manufacture as many as needed with ease.

Its software is compatible with CAD and CAM design programs.

In purchasing the 2X2 machine customers gain access to Torchmate’s robust and attentive technical support crew, which can walk any Torchmate customer through software set up or the machine’s multi-platform capabilities.

Torchmate’s basic 2X2 CNC Prototyping System package, offered at USD2,995, comprises two X-axis drives and motors; one Y-axis drive and motor; Torchmate 2×2 driver software; a relay to turn on and off a plasma torch or other closed-circuit tool; a mounting plate that is compatible with various tools; and a basic cutting table.

Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems

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