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A manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete is using laser displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon to measure the minimum depth profile of pre-stressed steel, which is said to be critical to the quality and resistance of pre-stressed concrete.

The OptoNCDT series of laser sensors — designed for measuring the displacement of difficult profiles on difficult target surfaces — are part of an inspection system developed by systems integration specialist Insystems Automation.

The inspection system checks the profile depth of incoming batches and continuously records this information to a database. The profiling is rolled onto the pre-stressed steel using an imprint roller; this means that the profile depth must be inspected across the complete range of the imprint roller.

The measuring system consists of an OptoNCDT 1700 laser displacement sensor, which is mounted to a linear axis and a driven roller prism for inputting the pre-stressed steel. By moving the sensor along the linear axis, measurements are recorded and combined with a two-dimensional profile over the complete length of the imprint roller.

Key benefits

  • The OptoNCDT 1700 laser displacement sensor is self-contained and has no external electronics; with no separate controller to mount, machine builders and system integrators can reduce the costs associated with wiring the sensors and free up space in their control cabinets.
  • The sensor has an integral controller that automatically compensates in real time for difficult-to-measure surfaces such as shiny metal; this enables industrial automation and OEM production companies to more accurately measure and monitor a variety of object parameters, including thickness, roundness, position, deflection, tilt, displacement and vibration.
  • The OptoNCDT 1700 — which can be used for inline and offline quality inspection tasks, dynamic part profiling and part recognition — offers extremely high measuring speeds of up to 50kHz.


With over 45 years experience and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, Micro-Epsilon understands the need for accurate, robust, intelligent sensors and measurement systems.

With over 45 years experience and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, Micro-Epsilon understands the need for accurate, robust, intelligent sensors and measurement systems.

If you are measuring any type of displacement / position, temperature, speed or colour parameters, Micro-Epsilon sensors and systems provide market-leading performance, together with the fastest measuring rates, highest operating temperature ranges and smart interface capabilities. From simple, low cost sensors to high volume, customer-specific OEM solutions, Micro-Epsilon will have athe correct measurement solution for your application.

Using both contact and non-contact measurement techniques, Micro-Epsilon boasts one of the largest ranges of displacement sensors including 1D, 2D & 3D laser optical, confocal chromatic, eddy current, capacitive, inductive, draw-wire and time-of-flight technologies. Measuring ranges are from nanometers to kilometers!

For temperature measurement, there is a comprehensive range of non-contact infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras capable of measuring up to that include intelligent software packages to support configuration, analysis and management during the application. LED analysers, fibre optic sensors and Colour recognition sensors measure true colour using L*A*B and CIE.

Micro-Epsilon sensors are used throughout almost all industries: from automotive to aerospace, motorsport to metal production, semiconductor to subsea. Whether it’s an R&D, test, inspection, OEM or a process control application, Micro Epsilon measurement engineers can provide the right measurement solution.

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